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    Membership in the Arnold Chamber of Commerce provides an array of benefits for you and your business. Additional exposure and referrals for your business are only the beginning! Helpful business resources plus, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are available exclusively to Arnold Chamber members. Whether you are just starting out, expanding your existing company or somewhere in between, the Chamber of Commerce is your friend in the Arnold Business Community and we're here to help you succeed. Learn more about some of the many benefits of Arnold Chamber of Commerce Membership below. 

    With this many benefits, can you afford NOT to join?

    1. Grow Your Business via Networking
    Chamber of Commerce Membership gives you many networking options to expose your business, products and services to other business owners and residents in the Arnold and surrounding areas. From monthly luncheons and annual events to open houses provided by Chamber members, our members benefit from regular and recurring opportunities to network and meet potential new clients and gain new referrals.

    2. Meet & Greet Business Card Exchanges
    Arnold Chamber of Commerce Members frequently host Business Card Exchanges where members can meet in a comfortable, friendly environment to exchange business concepts and contact information. Members are encouraged to bring guests to these events, which results in a productive environment, rich with opportunities for both business growth and new relationships that can help improve the way you do business with products and services from other Chamber Members.

    3. Direct Referrals for Your Business
    The Arnold Chamber of Commerce office receives calls regularly, sometimes daily, from area business owners and residents looking for assistance finding a particular type of business, product or service. Because Arnold is a growing and thriving community with a rich history and bright future, we are often able and always eager to provide a direct referral to Arnold businesses and organizations for such requests. Arnold Chamber of Commerce Members always receive precedence when we provide these referrals.

    4. Ribbon Cutting & Grand Opening Ceremonies
    Are you about to open, or considering opening, a new business in the City of Arnold? The Arnold Chamber of Commerce can help promote your business and introduce you to the exciting and ever-growing business and residential communities of Arnold. Chamber Members are eligible for ribbon cutting, grand opening and special grand reopening ceremonies sponsored and promoted by the Arnold Chamber of Commerce.

    5. Member-to-Member Discounts
    Many of our members offer Member-to-Member Discounts to encourage support of Arnold area businesses and organizations, and to help make the "day to day" of running a business a little bit easier for partner members. The Arnold Chamber of Commerce is a network of Arnold area businesses and organizations committed to the growth and prosperity of the entire Arnold community. Our members proudly display the Arnold Chamber of Commerce Membership seal at their locations, letting customers know they are doing business with someone who cares for the community. Look for it when you shop!

    6. Exclusive Advertising Opportunities
    Membership in the Arnold Chamber of Commerce gives you multiple exclusive advertising opportunities each year. These are opportunities you cannot find anywhere else, targeted to audiences from the Arnold, Jefferson County and surrounding areas. Print advertising opportunities are available in our Annual Membership Directory, our quarterly newsletter "Chamber-Linc" and in various other print medium throughout the year such as event flyers and programs. The Chamber sponsors more than a dozen special events in Arnold, Missouri each year, all of which are excellent on-location advertising opportunities for our members. Our Web site, ArnoldChamber.Org, offers a multitude of advertising options from our member spotlight, to our event calendar and exclusive banner advertising system.

    7. Chamber Only Events
    The Arnold Chamber sponsors or co-sponsors more than a dozen special events within the City of Arnold, Missouri each year. Ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremonies for new Arnold businesses, monthly member luncheons, business card exchanges and open houses are only the start. The Arnold Chamber of Commerce also help bring annual events such as the Arnold Easter Egg Hunt to Arnold residents and business owners every year. Not only do these events provide opportunities for networking, exposure and advertising for our members, they enrich our community and bring us closer together as a group of businesses and neighbors with the common goal of a prosperous future.

    8. Chamber Email Subscription
    As an Arnold Chamber of Commerce Member you can subscribe as many email addresses as you like to our email subscriber list. Members are updated regularly with important reminders about upcoming events in and around the Arnold area, important meetings that affect the future of Arnold businesses and residents, special coupons and promotions from Chamber Members, and much, much more! We won't overload your inbox, and once your subscribed you can always opt-out if you don't like what you see.

    9. Annual Chamber of Commerce Business Directory
    Each year the Arnold Chamber of Commerce publishes the Arnold Chamber of Commerce Business Directory, which provides a comprehensive list of the very best businesses and organizations Arnold has to offer. The Directory is distributed directly to all Arnold Chamber of Commerce members and is always available at the Chamber Office on Old Lemay Ferry Road. We also often provide a copy of the business directory to interested parties that have contacted the Chamber for a referral for products or services. The Directory is also packed with useful information such as public information and emergency contacts, and provides a unique and ongoing advertising opportunity for our Members.

    10. Online Member Directory at ArnoldChamber.Org
    Our Web site at www.ArnoldChamber.Org features our online Member Directory, which ranks as one of the best Chamber of Commerce business directories and search engines available on the Web today. Our Members benefit from an enhanced search engine that increases their exposure by providing multiple ways for site visitors to search and browse the member businesses and organizations of the Arnold Chamber of Commerce. Our Directory is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year which means our members have a perpetual and always-available Internet listing for their business. And, unlike some online business directories, the Arnold Chamber of Commerce Online Business Directory provides useful information about our members in addition to contact and location information. Our members benefit from details descriptions, active Web links and photos to enhance their listing in our online Directory. Our visitors benefit from easy access to the best businesses, organizations, products and services Arnold has to offer with an easy to use search engine and browsing tools.

    11. Internet Exposure at ArnoldChamber.Org
    New Arnold Chamber of Commerce Members enjoy prominent exposure in our "Newest Members" section at www.ArnoldChamber.com. Available from our Home Page and various other pages throughout the site, our Newest Members section helps promote your business and generate additional interest in your products and services among Arnold area business owners and residents. Our site also features a "Member Spotlight" which features a new Arnold Chamber of Commerce Member each week. Thousands of visitors use the Event Calendar at ArnoldChamber.Org each month to keep up to date on what's happening in the Arnold and surrounding areas. Arnold Chamber of Commerce can exclusively take advantage of these and many more opportunities at www.ArnoldChamber.org.

    12. Excellent Volunteer and Sponsorship Opportunities
    From grand openings, to open houses, to community events and emergency response planning and coordination, the Arnold Chamber of Commerce is active in the Arnold Community and is a strong advocate of interaction between businesses and residents in the community. With more than a dozen events each year the Arnold Chamber of Commerce gives its members a multitude of opportunities to sponsor, support and volunteer for community-based events in the Arnold area, not only for additional exposure and network opportunities but also for the benefit of the Arnold community as a whole. These opportunities are rewarding on multiple levels and are available exclusively to Arnold Chamber of Commerce Members.

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